This feature is for Teachers.

Teachers can set the status of assignments when creating or updating them.

Status Types

There are 3 status types:

  • Active (default): Students can view and submit to the assignment

  • Frozen: Students can view the assignment, but can’t submit to it

  • Hidden: Students can’t view or submit to the assignment

Changing Assignment Status

Teachers can add or update an assignment status from the Create New Assignment form, the Edit Assignment form, and the Assignment cards on the dashboard:

Create New Assignment form

  1. While on the dashboard click the Add Assignment Button to open up the Create New Assignment form.

  2. Select Freeze Assignment or Hide Assignment from the Status dropdown

  3. Add any other data you want to the form and click Save

    Edit Assignment Form

  1. While on the dashboard click the Edit Assignment Button to open up the Assignment Details tab

  2. Click the Edit Assignment Button to open the Edit  Assignment form.

  3. Select the desired Assignment Status from the Status dropdown

  4. Click Save

    Assignment Card

  1. While on the dashboard, select the desired Assignment Status from the Status dropdown to the right of the Run Peer Review button


How can I tell what the current status of an assignment is?

You can tell by looking at the Status dropdown for each individual assignment while on the dashboard, or by navigating to the Assignment Details tab for an individual assignment.

If I change assignment status after I create an assignment, will students see those changes immediately?

No. Students will need to refresh their dashboard in order to see any changes you make to the assignment, including assignment status.