Teachers can add the Floop app to any Schoology course section and use it to automatically add a class using the course name, section name,  and any student members within the course section.

Adding Floop to Schoology

To add the Floop app to Schoology, you can do the following:

  1. Go to the Floop app’s page in the Schoology App Center: https://app.schoology.com/apps/profile/3181907807 

  1. Click Install App and click Agree when prompted

  2. Select the course sections you want to install the Floop app in and click Install

Make a Class in Floop with a Schoology Course Section

When opening Floop from within a Schoology course section, Floop will create a new class with the course section information and bring in any student members into the class roster

To make a new Floop class using a Schoology course section, do the following:

  1. Go to a course section that has the Floop app installed

  2. Click Floop on the left side of the screen

    1. If this is your first time logging into Floop through Schoology, you’ll be prompted to authorize Floop to access your Schoology course section information. Click Approve to continue

    1. If this isn’t your first time logging into Floop through Schoology, Floop will attempt to use your existing access token. If it is still valid, you’ll be taken to the teacher dashboard. If not, you’ll need to re-Approve the Floop app’s use of your Schoology course section information.

  1. After about 30 seconds, a class with your course name and course section will be added to Floop. After about another 30 seconds, any student members will be added to the class roster

    1. Floop will look at the primary email of each student member and determine if they have an account or not:

      1. If the student has a Floop account associated with their primary Schoology email, that student will be enrolled in the class

      2. Note: This is currently only a feature for Students with Google accounts. If the student doesn’t have a Floop account, one will be made for them. The student can then sign in to their Floop account through the Sign in With Google button at https://www.floopedu.com/signIn 

Using Floop with Schoology

Once you've added your class and enrolled students, you can continue to create assignments, accept submissions, and give feedback through Floop. You can either access Floop through Schoology by clicking Floop on the left side of the screen or by going to www.floopedu.com. Your students have the option of accessing Floop through Schoology or through www.floopedu.com as well.

Update a Floop Class Made From a Schoology Course Section

Once your Schoology course section has been added to Floop, you can update it any time you change the course name and course section, or when student members are added or removed from the course section.


My class or class roster wasn’t added when I clicked the Floop button in my Schoology course section

Make sure you stay on the teacher dashboard for a few minutes after opening the Floop app from Schoology. It can take some time for the class and class roster to go through, especially if there are many students in the class. Also, please note that only Schoology course members with a role of Student (or student) will be added to the roster. All other users will be ignored. If you continue to have problems, please open a support ticket.

I don’t see the Floop button inside my Schoology course section

Only teachers who are administrators of their course can access the Floop app from their course section. Make sure you’re a teacher with admin privileges for the course section you’re trying to access the app from.

What happens if I archive a Floop class made through Schoology?

Your class will be archived like any other Floop class. You can unarchive it at any time to start using it again. If you were to access Floop through the Schoology course section associated with the archived class, you’ll get a popup reminding you that class is archived.

Can I add a Co-teacher or Parent to a Floop class added through Schoology?

Not at this time.

What happens if I add a class through Schoology on my Floop account, and then another teacher adds the same class through Schoology on their account?

You and the other teacher would have separate versions of the same class. So, students for the one Schoology course section would be enrolled in two separate Floop classes.