This feature is for Teacher accounts.

The Co-Teacher feature enables teachers to automatically add a co-teacher to their Floop class.

Locating the Co-Teacher Button

While on the Dashboard, navigate to the class that you want to add the co-teacher to. In the class Settings tab you will see the Add Co-Teacher Button.

Using the Co-Teacher Feature

Follow these instructions to add a co-teacher to your class. Note: Student accounts cannot be added as a co-teacher. Please have the student create a Teacher account.

  1. Click the Add Co-Teacher button and a form will appear.

  1. Enter the email address of the co-teacher you would like to add.

  1. Click Add. Note: Please ensure this is the teacher you would like to add to your class. Removal of a co-teacher cannot be done automatically, and one must contact the Floop team separately.

  1. Wait while the co-teacher is added

  1. Co-Teacher added successfully!

[FAQ - HelpDesk only]

Why can I not click the ‘Add’ button?

There are a couple of reasons why the Add button is disabled:

  • Incorrect email domain (See below)

  • The email may be improperly formatted (re-check the email is in a valid format)

  • You may have entered your own email address by mistake

What is an incorrect email domain?

Teachers can only add a Co-Teacher that has the same email address domain as their own. Meaning a teacher using can only add another user.

For the example below, the user ( is trying to add a co-teacher ( however the ‘Add’ button remains disabled due to their mismatching email address domains.

Why did I receive a ‘Teacher not found’ warning message?

The email you added likely does not belong to an active Floop user. Please double check that the email address matches your co-teacher’s. Also ensure that the co-teacher has not recently deleted their account.

If you still receive this warning message, try clearing your cache and reloading the page.

Note: Student accounts cannot be added as a Co-Teacher. Please have the student create a Teacher account.

Why did I receive an error message?

There may have been an error connecting to our server. Please clear your cache, reload the page and try again.