This feature is for Teacher accounts.

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  • Referral Dashboard Features

  • Locating The Referral Dashboard

  • Applying A Referral Code

  • See The Teachers You Have Referred

  • FAQ

Referral Dashboard Features:

  • Share your invite code

  • See the teachers you have referred

  • View the credits you have earned!

Locating The Referral Dashboard

Learn the steps that take you to the referral dashboard.

Step 1: Sign into your account and locate the “Referrals” Button in the Account Popover. Or click the Refer Button in the Nav Bar next to “Get Started”.

Applying A Referral Code

Step 1: Go to the sign-up page using the unique teacher sign-up link provided by your referrer

Step 2: Complete sign up

Step 3: You can then visit the Referral Dashboard to see your Referral Credit Earned!

Note: You will no longer be able to apply referral codes to your account, since you have already applied one previously.

See The Teachers You Have Referred

Partial Referral

Once another Teacher has applied your referral code to their account, they will appear on your Dashboard as Partially Referred. You can hover over the X icon for more information about a Partial Referral

Obtaining a Full Referral

To receive Floop credit (Full Referral) this referred teacher must enroll students in a class, as well as provide feedback on a student assignment. Upon obtaining a Full Referral, this teacher’s arrow icon will be replaced by a check mark. You will also see 10 referral credit has been added to your account.


What is referral credit for?

While Floop is free right now, credits can be applied to a future premium Floop subscription.

How do I gain referral credit toward Floop ?

You can obtain unlimited credit toward Floop by using Referrals.

  •  (10) of Floop Credit by applying another teacher’s referral code to your account on either Sign Up (See page 3).

  •  (10 for each) teacher you refer and that teacher completes a Full Referral (See page 8).

What should I do if my referral code has expired?

Upon expiration your unique referral code will be replaced by the text “Code Expired”. To generate a new code, click the highlighted button shown below. You will also see certain features are disabled until a new code is generated

Why have I not received credit for referring my friend?

Check your Referral Dashboard, if the icon next to your friend’s name is an arrow, then they have only completed a Partial Referral. In order to gain Floop credit, your friend must also enroll students in a class and give feedback on a student assignment. (More information on Page 8).

What is a Partial Referral vs. Full Referral?

  • Partial: This teacher has applied your code to their account.

  • Full: This teacher has also enrolled students into a class, and provided feedback on an assignment. 

  • Note: You will only gain Floop credit once a teacher has obtained a Full Referral.