Leaving Audio Feedback

Make your feedback more accessible and personalized with voice comments

When leaving a new comment, you will now be able to add a voice recording in addition to any text!


  1. Click on an assignment like you would to add a new comment. This will bring up the New Comment box.

  2. Click on the microphone icon to open the recording options. You may be prompted to allow microphone access if you have not given it before. If you need more assistance with the microphone, there are some links below.

  3. Click “START RECORDING” to begin recording. The button will change to red when it is recording.

  4. When you are done, click “STOP RECORDING” to end the recording. If the textbox is empty, it will fill it in with “Audio Comment” and if it is not empty, your text will remain there.

  5. You will then have the option to play the recording.

  6. While it is playing, you will have an option to stop the playback.

  7. If you are unhappy with the comment, you can click “START RECORDING” again to record a different one. Once you are happy with it, click “Send” and it will appear like a normal comment.

  8. After it is sent, it will appear in the Conversation Threads, and Comment Bank if it was saved. Comments with audio recordings will have a microphone icon in them. The icon is clickable and will replay the recording.

  9. While they are playing, the icon will change to a “Stop” icon, which will stop the recording.

Support Links

Enabling microphone on Safari

Enabling microphone on Firefox 

Enabling microphone in Chrome 


Will this feature work on my device?

This feature is compatible with all major browsers on desktop browsers except Internet Explorer. Works on major Android browsers, but for iOS it will only work with Safari due to various restrictions.