Archiving Classes

Archiving a class does the following:

  • Removes the class from your class tabs

  • Removes any assignments for the class from the All Assignments tab

  • Adds the class to a table on a new tab, Archived Classes

  • Hides any assignments for the archived class from the Student dashboard

Archiving a class can be undone.

To archive a class:

  1. Click on the tab of the class you want to archive

  2. Click the Settings tab

  3. Click the Archive Class button

  4. Confirm that you’d like to archive the class

To unarchive a class:

  1. Click the Archived Classes tab (the tab furthest to the right)

  2. Find the class you want to unarchive

  3. Click Unarchive

  4. Confirm you want to unarchive the class

Deleting Classes

Deleting a class will remove all students from the class, delete all the assignments, and delete all submissions. It cannot be undone

To delete a class:

- Click on the name of the class in the Class Bar of the teacher dashboard

- Click on Settings on the left-hand side of the class view

- Click the Delete Class button

- Confirm that you'd like to delete the class