Viewing Student Submission Versions

Students have a chance to demonstrate their understanding of feedback literacy when resubmitting their edited assignments on Floop! Floop keeps all submission versions so that students and teachers may reference past works. There are two ways to view different versions of student submissions:

Through Student Submission Page:

  1. Click on the assignment name from your Dashboard or class page.

  2. Click on a student’s name to open their submission.

        Note: The most recent submission will always appear when entering a student submission page.

        3. Click on the “Versions” section  found on the right side of the page to view each submission version.

Through Assignment Details:

  1. Start from your Dashboard.
  2. Click on the “View All Work” button  for the intended assignment to see thumbnails of all students’ most recent submissions.
  3. Click on a specific student’s work to open their submission.
  4. Click on the “Versions” section  found on the right side of the page to view each submission version.


Is it possible to delete student submissions?

It is not yet possible to delete submissions for students, but students can resubmit to an assignment and the most recent submission will show up first to the teacher and be used for peer review. If you're concerned about the content of a submission and believe it should be removed from our database, contact Floop and we'll get the appropriate information from you to have it deleted (

What file types can students submit?

Students can submit images (PNG, JPG, jpeg) and PDFs from the file picker or they can upload documents from Google Drive (Docs, Sheets, Slides, images, and PDFs).

What should I do if a submission is rotated?

Learn more about submission rotation here.