Once your students have submitted their assignments, it's time for you to give feedback. To do this, open up the assignment and follow these steps:

  1. Open a student's submission by clicking on their name.
    Optional: Rotate the student's submission by clicking on the Image Editor icon.
  2. Click on where you'd like to add feedback on the student's assignment.
  3. Write a comment for the student to see. If you'd like to reuse this piece of feedback, select "Save to Bank".
    Saving to the Comment Bank allows you to reuse comments on other submissions.
Students will be able to read and respond to your feedback by clicking on the dots you've added.
You can also use these additional tools:
  1. Converse with students over feedback by clicking "Conversation Threads."
  2. Drag and drop comments from the Comment Bank onto student submissions.
  3. Grade a student's work in the bottom right corner.

Learn more about the different ways of giving feedback here.


Help! My markers aren't being placed where I click!

If you resize the browser window while giving feedback, the marker may not be placed in the correct location. Simply refresh the browser window, re-enter Feedback View, and markers should now be placed in the correct location. We appreciate your patience as we work on a better long-term fix to improve marker placement accuracy.